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Our Story

About goRoam

GoRoam was conceived during the pandemic “lock-down” era of 2020-2021 to enable professionals who now had the freedom to work from anywhere. GoRoam Tech was launched in March of 2022 after a 6-month proof of concept and market evaluation was completed in 2021.

GoRoam’s mission is to inspire individuals to realize their dream of traveling across the USA while maintaining remote work capabilities. Their objective is to educate, entertain, and foster a community of like-minded travelers who can be both friends on the road and in business. They aim to challenge the notion that this unique lifestyle is reserved solely for retirees and make it accessible to all.

Behind The Scenes

About Jessica

Jessica Jorgensen, founder of GoRoam, LLC, has leveraged her lifelong tech background, and entrepreneurial family influences to improve communication for over 100,000 users. With her expertise, she assisted notable organizations such as Make-A-Wish Foundation, Banner Hospitals, and Hilton Hotels in infrastructure, voice, and cybersecurity. As a corporate Technology Channel Executive, Jessica educated peers and partners on delivering exceptional customer experiences.

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Family on The Road

About The Jorgensens

Jessica and her husband, Russell, are dedicated travelers who both Work From Roam. Despite their frequent travels to new destinations every two weeks, they’ve mastered working from anywhere thanks to their reliable GoRoam gear. The Jorgensen’s have a large blended family with seven adult children and many grandchildren, showcasing Jessica’s expertise in organizing chaos and travel plans. As nature enthusiasts and avid explorers, Jessica and Russ constantly share their adventures in rugged terrains and their GoRoam lifestyle. Their motivation stems from creating extraordinary life experiences with loved ones while embracing the challenges of full-time RV living in their 5th wheel.

Life on the Road

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