Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which package to choose?

The primary question will be how many data connections you will want to use while you’re traveling for your internet services. Wanderer = 1, Explorer = 2, Working from Roam = up to 4

Can I use this gear to make my Starlink signal more stable for Zoom calls?

Yes, the Explorer and Wanderer packages include our optimized network software to make Zoom, MS Teams, Google applications, and VoIP work well over a Starlink connection.

Can I connect to campground free Wifi?

Yes, all of our packages include the ability to connect to a broadcasted WiFi signal at an RV Park, Campground, Friends or Family’s homes, Starbucks, etc.

Is there a monthly service fee for the goRoam gear?

No, the hardware packages are a one-time purchase.

Can I buy a data plan from goRoam Tech?

Yes, we offer a 300G Mobile Broadband Plan from Verizon to support our clients. 

If I have my own data plan, can I use that in the goRoam gear? 

Yes, many of our clients bring their own data plan and SIM card from T-Mobile, Verizon, or AT&T. Our routers are designed to work with and are certified for use with all of the major mobile data carriers.

Do you offer 5G?

Yes, the goRoam Tech, Wanderer Package is 5G data plan ready! The router included in this package includes a CAT20 modem for the fastest speeds available.

Do I have to permanently mount the omni-directional antenna?

No, the antenna package includes a pole mount in addition to the ability to be permanently installed on your RV. You can choose which option is best for you.

Can I buy just the router without the rooftop antenna?

You bet, we have many clients that request a custom solution from our experts. We are happy to accommodate folks that don’t need an antenna or who want to use Starlink as the primary connection. Call or email us today to talk about your goals of Working from Roam!

Can I use this in my RV if we’re stationary or traveling full-time?

Yes, while our gear is designed to move with you, many of our clients need the enhanced SD-WAN software to ensure they have a stable, secure, and reliable connection for Zoom video, MS Teams Meetings, Google Suite applications and many other applications that are critical to your business.

How do I connect to my goRoam Tech WiFi?

We custom configure all of our client’s new networks based on their needs. Once it is set up, you connect to it just like you would any other available WiFi network. We usually create three separate SSIDs to ensure the best experience while in use without having to constantly reconnect all of your devices to the WiFi.

My job requires me to be directly connected instead of using Wi-Fi. Does the goRoam Tech gear provide a LAN connection for my laptop?

Yes, our Explorer and Working from Roam packages include routers with at least one LAN port and/or POE (power over ethernet) port. Please see the detailed technical specifications of each router on our website for additional information. 

What kind of speed can I expect to get through my goRoam Tech gear?

The speed you will experience will differ based on many factors including location, signal strength, or the quantity of people connected to the closest data tower. Our gear gives you an advantage with the omni-directional, roof top antenna to rise above the crowd. Also, if your primary functionality is to be on voice or video calls, our gear doesn’t need a super-fast signal to be stable enough to handle your professional needs. Our fastest modem is built into the 5G ready Explorer package. Additional technical specifications can be found on our website.

Why does this goRoam Tech gear work better than a hotspot would?

Our custom configured routers and software utilizes enterprise level SD-WAN (software defined wide area network) technology to smooth jittery connections, optimizes Zoom, MS Teams, Google suite applications, and VoIP phone providers; ensuring hassle free communication with your peers. 

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