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Travel Day(s) Meal Planning for the WIN!

What do you eat during our travel days?

If there is one thing we’ve learned over this last year of being full-time in our RV, it’s not to rely on the availability of quality food choices on our travel days!

Listen, I know you’re already aware of this however being hungry while towing a 20K LB vehicle down the road will make you super HANGRY. This is a combination to avoid at all costs!

Seriously, if your vehicle doesn’t look like an unsupervised9 year old stopped at a gas station for road trip snacks; you’re not prepared for the day!

We start by making good solid protein and carb balanced choices with high quality bread. We have some fairly intense food sensitivity issues(ok it’s me, not Russ 😉) so the plan has to be solid to avoid catastrophic consequences later. We take fruits, nuts, caffeine, sugar, salt, and food we don’t normally eat every day to keep the travel day menu interesting.

Here’s an example of what we packed today to keep our mindsfresh and our bellies appropriately full. Not too full though, that has the oppositeeffect.

Also, I’m not nutritionist! These tactics come fromlistening to my body and watching how Russ responds to certain items in thesnack bag.

Today’s Travel Meal Menu

Breakfast: Toasted Bagels with Avocado & EverythingBagel Seasoning – the best take on avocado toast we’ve found so far becausebagels don’t get soggy if you don’t eat them right away!

Lunch: Sandwiches on high quality vegan bread with shaved roastbeef, cheddar cheese for Russ and vegan gouda slices for me; mayonnaise/veganmayonnaise, fresh butter lettuce, salt/pepper, and banana pepper rings

Snacks: Oreos (strangely vegan because they’re full ofterrible ingredients which are delicious), Good n Plenty’s for Russ, potato chips,pretzels, hummus, sliced apples, grapes, carrots, starburst, mike n ikes, and athermos full of coffee or hot tea for the afternoon pick me up!

We avoid entering the fuel stations we stop at by using ourown restroom and having our food on hand which saves us money, time and germs!

Many folks plan their stops to include rest areas or time tomake a hot lunch on the road and we fully support that methodology as well.Because of our rig’s size and needing to push the slides out to access thekitchen, it makes more sense for us to pack it up in the morning before we hitthe road.

What’s your go to travel day meal or routine?

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