Stealing WiFi and Campground Etiquette Tips


Can I steal some WiFi?

It seems as soon as people we meet in RV parks here that weare tech nerds, they ask if they can steal some WiFi. Our answer is almost alwaysa resounding YES, however, not this time.

Why? Because this RV’er broke the golden rule.

Don’t ask for something and/or talk to a fellow RVer while theyare parking their rig!

Ok, to be fair there were a few other folks helping myhusband park our Momentum 397th Toy Hauler however with all of thepeople “assisting” us, we almost forgot to take the Can-Am out of the garagebefore we finished parking it. All of those folks meant well, I’m sure; howevergolden rule #1 still stands.

Every RVer and their navigator, if they have one, has aroutine to getting their rig perfectly in position. Some folks do it in one tryand other take a few to get it just right in the sweet spot.

Here are some unspoken RV Park etiquette tips to ensure youstart your new neighborhood relationship on the right foot! By the way, thesearen’t my opinions only however I did put them in the order that I believe ismost important because I’m biased and would like more good neighbors!

#1 Don’t distract your new neighbor by talking to them untilafter they’ve parked their rig & get it settled.

#2 Please avoid cutting through someone’s camp site.

#3 Turn your lights off at night.

#4 Ask for permission before introducing pets or petting othercamper’s animals.

#5 Adhere to quiet hours as posted.

If you find us in your neighborhood, please don’t hesitateto ask as we generally have way more bandwidth than we need. Just don’t be weirdabout it, ok?

See you at the next stop!

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