Traveler’s Journal Entry October 5, 2022


Does where we park change how we work? You bet it does!

Many digital nomads won’t talk about the messy side of the lifestyle we’ve chosen; however, you’ll find we’re brutally honest. If you follow on social media, you may have seen a bit of a slowdown on social media in our adventure posts. It’s not because we’re not having them. It’s because we’re conserving data!

Here’s the thing that hurts my heart as a tech nerd. As we’ve moved towards all things being in the cloud (which is a GREAT thing), that means everything you do requires the internet. Lucky for us, we have solutions for that! It does NOT mean we can all have full access to unlimited bandwidth and squander it all the time. The LTE/Mobile phone carriers don’t work that way despite what they’re advertising to you (make sure you read the fine print).

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We’ve used more than 60 GIGs of data in the last two weeks across our SIM cards. That’s been chiefly Zoom/Teams video and phone calls, email, and a little social media. While I’ve been creating and editing videos to share more of our Colorado, Kansas, and now Oklahoma adventures, we will have to wait until we can mooch some high-speed bandwidth to post them. Uploading large creative content files chews through more data than you would expect.  

Understanding your job type is imperative to knowing which type of tech you need to succeed on the road. The good stuff isn’t cheap, and the cheap stuff isn’t good. When I get frustrated by non-essential applications running slow, it’s time to sit back and be grateful that this same technology has enabled my nomadic lifestyle. Sometimes it will take an hour to post a 47-second video, and that’s just how today will be.

Flexibility is the name of the game!

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