Traveler’s Journal Entry September 29, 2022


Oh Kansas, I want to love you so badly!  There are people living here that possess large portions of my heart. I grew up here and expected to feel some “home” feelings however I am overwhelmed by your critters and bugs. It’s just about time to roll on down the road towards Oklahoma.

The experiences I will never forget from this trip are centered around family time and some of the exceptional culture in the college town of Lawrence, KS. If you’re ever headed this way, STOP in Lawrence! We had some good meals from the local eateries on Massachusetts street, explored the campus at University of Kansas with its historical buildings, Natural History Museum ,and the invention of basketball at Allen Field House. KU is a must-see landmark!

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The night life in this college town is exceptional and we stayed up WAY too late many times enjoying inexpensive cocktails. The Replay Lounge offered the rockin’ sounds of Crown Cassette, and Eli Lev who converted us to “Levitators” with his skillful songwriting and performance.

Our next stop is Hugo, Oklahoma where we will be enjoying and supporting the life of our family’s Circus elephants at The Endangered Ark. Their annual pumpkin festival starts on October 1st and we’re excited to be helping folks learn about Elephants, their lives after retiring from the circus, and how to help support this incredible organization. Stay tuned!  

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